Nurturing with Nature,

Achieving in Community since 1986.

About Us

Venturers began in 1986 as a forestry training project with 6 full time participants with disabilities.  Today we have 40 participants based at host sites in Fish Creek Provincial Park, Elbow Fire Base in Kananaskis Country, Burby Hall in Bragg Creek and in Medicine Hat/Cypress Hills Provincial Park. We operate year round in eight groups with five participants per group. A Group Leader provides mentorship, encourages opportunities for personal and social development and is responsible for the safety of the group.


Host sites are essential in providing a base for our activities and opportunities for participants to learn and use work and social skills, contribute to the local community, all while being in nature. Our supportive partnerships with other organizations and agencies also provide opportunity for daily social contact between participants, staff and community members.


The Venturers are proud to work alongside the following:

Burby Firehall 
Host Site
foothills county 2020.jfif

In partnership with Foothills County, the Bear and Wolverine teams share their skills and time at residential camps and individual projects. The Bears work at Kamp Kiwanis and respond to individual community requests. Easter Seals Camp Horizon is where the Wolverines can be found carrying out assigned camp maintenance and in the Bragg Creek area hired by local acreage owners to Firesmart their properties. 

Elbow Valley Fire Base
Host Site

Based in beautiful Kananaskis Country, the Wolf and Lynx teams contribute to park maintenance and special projects. The Wolves perform a variety of activities including general trail maintenance, and background camp site firewood stock, etc. The Lynx team focuses on supporting local community through individual projects for hire. Click here for a map of the Elbow Valley area. 

Cypress Hills 
Interprovincial Park-Alberta
Host Site

Medicine Hat participants travel 65 kms to Cypress Hills Provincial Park when they are not doing activities within the city. The Dire Wolf and Badger teams go to the townsite of Elkwater to carry out a variety of meaningful activities for Alberta Parks. It is a very supportive setting and participants feel very much a part of a team and the community making a difference to park users. As with all host sites, we help with the behind the scenes operations. Here is a map of Elkwater and area  

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Host Site

Fish Creek Provincial Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America. The park contains 19 hectares of mixed forest and open prairie. Venturers Cougar and Coyote teams work throughout the park performing various projects including trail maintenance, and park infrastructure repairs, example Flood 2013 restoration. They also work with the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society installing and maintaining dedication benches. Here is a map of Fish Creek Prov. Park. 

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