Are men and women (age 18+) with a developmental disability referred to us by Alberta Human Services-Disability Services (PDD).


Covid Update: Our program is open. We are at our Park and camp sites. Masks are still worn while in vehicles and while inside. If any staff or participant feels unwell they must not come in. The Executive Director will be notified and our response will follow the current AHS guidelines. 

Member of

Calgary Service Provider Council &

South Region Council of Disability Services 

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Member of the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships

Our Vision: The Venturers Society is committed to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of our participants with developmental disabilities.

Our Mission: Leader in providing quality skill development and inclusive experiences for those with developmental disabilities within the natural areas of the communities we serve. 

Click here for our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

Our Values:

  • We value the calming, spiritual and healing effects of nature

  • We strive for balance between work and leisure 

  • We ensure the rights of our participants and staff while maintaining our responsibilities

  • We promote a supportive environment that encourages individual, group and community enrichment

  • We provide financial accountability, strive for full transparency, and manage our financial resources to achieve sustainability.

We are a unique Community Access program for adults with developmental disabilities (referred to as Participants) through Alberta Human Services-Disability Services (PDD). Our program is delivered in Calgary and Medicine Hat. We owe a large part of our continued success to our community partners. Our ability to access dependable host sites lets participants experience meaningful, ongoing work opportunities in our community all year round. We are a registered nonprofit society with charitable status. Eight full time and four part time staff make up our team that is supported by a volunteer Board of Directors.